Phone Addiction

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Can you remember the time before smart phones came into this world? If you don’t, you are probably too young. Less than a decade ago, smart phones had not yet been released to the public. The rapid growth and popularity of a smart phone came about in the late 2000’s. Now a days everyone has a smart phone and the creation of this hand held device has allowed us to live life so much easier.

Pros of a cell phone: Keeps us communicated with the world at the palm of our hands, lets us talk and text with anyone of whom we wish to keep communication with, allows us to browse the internet, capable of letting us capture every second of our life with pictures and videos, and the applications that enable us to do anything with the touch of a finger, makes daily living stress-free.

Cons of a cell phone: creates a distraction that keeps us from focusing on what really is important, makes it impossible for us to put it down, the battery life is short depending on how many apps you have running, allows us to be gps’ed unconsciously, once a text, picture, or video is sent, you cannot take it back, consumes our time by not being able to put it down.

Although this device has enabled our daily lifestyles to become simpler, we are unaware of the damage that it can cause. Yes taking pics, sending texts, being able to check your bank account, or keeping track of your steps while jogging, are all great tools to have at a tap away. But are we aware of the time consumption that it takes from our lives? Are you a victim of being next to your phone while it is charging? Do you find yourself checking social media every five minutes? Are you taking work related matters when you are off work? If yes was answered to any of these questions, you are most likely addicted to your phone.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say that I am addicted to my phone. Sadly, I live in a world and time where I feel incomplete if I do not have my cell phone with me. Having a connection with the world at the palm of my hands 24 hours a day 7 days a week gives me and unexplainable feeling. Although I have lived at a time when smart phones where nonexistent and cell phones themselves where not that popular, I cannot imagine what life would be today without one.

Many people I know including myself are guilty of having this addiction, many are aware yet no one acts on it. Some things to remember, Wi-Fi goes through walls meaning it can go through your body, therefor not a good idea to have it near you when you are sleeping. Carpal tunnel can occur form constantly holding your phone, as well as poor eyesight if at night you are on your phone with the lights off.  Let this just be a small reminder of some consequences that can possibly occur from this “phone addiction”.