Phoenix Tower Observatory

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For those who don’t know I’m from Phoenix, Arizona; not born here, just raised. As I was looking at information about my town of residence on the internet, I came across an interesting article. Apparently, Phoenix wants to climb up the ladder of the biggest cites in the U.S., to me, that’s great news. It was about time Phoenix grew, I remember about 4 years ago when I was still in High School downtown was not the same as it is today. It has grown and gotten better in less than five years that is amazing!

According to the article printed on, the plans for starting the construction of a new Phoenix landmark, have started. The new Phoenix landmark idea that is floating in the air is going to be called “Phoenix Tower Observatory”.  This will be around a 430-foot observation tower located above the Arizona Science Center in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It has promised, a terrace bar and café, evening lounge and nightclub, and many other attractions including the best view of the city. You’re are expected to go through an underground tunnel to purchase your tickets and taking a fast speed elevator to the top. Construction is expected to be completed by the next “Superbowl” in 2015 that is going to be held in Glendale, Arizona.

In my opinion this news is great. Like I stated before, it was about time Phoenix got with the program. I’ve also heard about the light rail extending to Vegas and from Vegas to L.A., but I have not really looked into it. But both of these ideas are amazing and definitely getting something to look forward to. It looks like the west coast will finally take it to the next level.





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