Phone Addiction

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Can you remember the time before smart phones came into this world? If you don’t, you are probably too young. Less than a decade ago, smart phones had not yet been released to the public. The rapid growth and popularity of a smart phone came about in the late 2000’s. Now a days everyone has a smart phone and the creation of this hand held device has allowed us to live life so much easier.

Pros of a cell phone: Keeps us communicated with the world at the palm of our hands, lets us talk and text with anyone of whom we wish to keep communication with, allows us to browse the internet, capable of letting us capture every second of our life with pictures and videos, and the applications that enable us to do anything with the touch of a finger, makes daily living stress-free.

Cons of a cell phone: creates a distraction that keeps us from focusing on what really is important, makes it impossible for us to put it down, the battery life is short depending on how many apps you have running, allows us to be gps’ed unconsciously, once a text, picture, or video is sent, you cannot take it back, consumes our time by not being able to put it down.

Although this device has enabled our daily lifestyles to become simpler, we are unaware of the damage that it can cause. Yes taking pics, sending texts, being able to check your bank account, or keeping track of your steps while jogging, are all great tools to have at a tap away. But are we aware of the time consumption that it takes from our lives? Are you a victim of being next to your phone while it is charging? Do you find yourself checking social media every five minutes? Are you taking work related matters when you are off work? If yes was answered to any of these questions, you are most likely addicted to your phone.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say that I am addicted to my phone. Sadly, I live in a world and time where I feel incomplete if I do not have my cell phone with me. Having a connection with the world at the palm of my hands 24 hours a day 7 days a week gives me and unexplainable feeling. Although I have lived at a time when smart phones where nonexistent and cell phones themselves where not that popular, I cannot imagine what life would be today without one.

Many people I know including myself are guilty of having this addiction, many are aware yet no one acts on it. Some things to remember, Wi-Fi goes through walls meaning it can go through your body, therefor not a good idea to have it near you when you are sleeping. Carpal tunnel can occur form constantly holding your phone, as well as poor eyesight if at night you are on your phone with the lights off.  Let this just be a small reminder of some consequences that can possibly occur from this “phone addiction”.


Phoenix Tower Observatory

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For those who don’t know I’m from Phoenix, Arizona; not born here, just raised. As I was looking at information about my town of residence on the internet, I came across an interesting article. Apparently, Phoenix wants to climb up the ladder of the biggest cites in the U.S., to me, that’s great news. It was about time Phoenix grew, I remember about 4 years ago when I was still in High School downtown was not the same as it is today. It has grown and gotten better in less than five years that is amazing!

According to the article printed on, the plans for starting the construction of a new Phoenix landmark, have started. The new Phoenix landmark idea that is floating in the air is going to be called “Phoenix Tower Observatory”.  This will be around a 430-foot observation tower located above the Arizona Science Center in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It has promised, a terrace bar and café, evening lounge and nightclub, and many other attractions including the best view of the city. You’re are expected to go through an underground tunnel to purchase your tickets and taking a fast speed elevator to the top. Construction is expected to be completed by the next “Superbowl” in 2015 that is going to be held in Glendale, Arizona.

In my opinion this news is great. Like I stated before, it was about time Phoenix got with the program. I’ve also heard about the light rail extending to Vegas and from Vegas to L.A., but I have not really looked into it. But both of these ideas are amazing and definitely getting something to look forward to. It looks like the west coast will finally take it to the next level.





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Earth Day/ Dia de la Tierra

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The World Is Your Home. El Mundo Es Tu Hogar.

The World Is Your Home.
El Mundo Es Tu Hogar.

As we are ready to close up the first quarter of the year, we should all remember about our home. No I’m not talking about your house, but rather earth. According to The Guardian, “Planet Earth is home to 8.7 million species” humans included and let us not forget about species that we have yet to discover or the ones that are long extinct. Therefore, on a day like today, we should take a few seconds of our busy day and analyze our surroundings outdoors. Think about the weather, whether it is cold or hot, cloudy or sunny, we sometimes forget that we live in a magnificent planet and taking care of it is up to us.

April 22 is known as Earth Day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It established as a worldwide awareness days in the 70’s when humans started noticing the effects of pollution and toxins in the air. “Earth Day 1970 capitalized on the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center.”

So on a day like today we should be aware that earth is our home. Try to do something “green”. We should not take this beautiful world that we live in for granted. The smallest thing can make a difference. Recycling, planting something, not littering, try using less energy, the list can be endless, but to anyone reading….Let’s try and do something green. 🙂


Ya listos para  cerrar el primer trimestre del año, todos debemos de recordar a nuestro hogar. No  estoy hablando de sus casas sino de la tierra. Según el diario The Guardian,  “El Dia de la Tierra es el hogar de 8.7 millones de especies” incluyendo a los seres humanos y no hay que olvidarnos de las especies que todavía no hemos descubierto o las que ya están extinta. Por lo tanto, en un día como hoy, debemos tomar unos segundos de nuestro ajetreado día y analizar nuestro entorno al aire libre. Pensar en el clima sea caliente o helado, si el día esta nublado o soleado, a veces nos olvidamos de que vivimos en un magnífico planeta y cuidarlo depende de nosotros.

22 De Abril es conocido como el Día de la Tierra un evento que se celebran en todo el mundo para demostrar su apoyo hacia la protección del medio ambiente. Se estableció como un día de conciencia a nivel mundial en los años 70 cuando los seres humanos empezamos a notar los efectos de la contaminación y las toxinas en el aire. “Día de la Tierra 1970 fue capitalizado en las naciones para canalizar la energía de la protesta contra la guerra y poner las cuestiones del medio ambiente al centro delantero.”

Así que en un día como hoy debemos ser conscientes de que la tierra es nuestra casa. Hay que tratar de hacer algo “verde”.  No debemos tomar en vano este hermoso mundo en que vivimos. Lo más pequeño puede hacer una diferencia. Reciclar, sembrar algo, no tirar basura, intentar utilizar menos energía, la lista puede ser interminable, pero a todos los que están leyendo…. Hay que intentar hacer algo verde. 🙂



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